Monday, February 10, 2020

Underground Railroad and a Life of Freedom Research Paper

Underground Railroad and a Life of Freedom - Research Paper Example The Underground Railroad solely existed owing to the existence of the institution of slavery in the United States of America. It intended to help and aid many people who wanted to escape a life of slavery and was run by people who were willing to help the escaping slaves. The life of the slaves happened to be very unhappy that involved much harassment, torture, pain, suffering and danger. Thereby it was but natural that many slaves wanted to run away from a life of misery and pain. There were many people during the days of slavery who believed that slavery was wrong and cruel. Thereby they were willing to put their lives at risk to help and aid the escaping slaves. The Underground Railroad was run and aided by varied kind of people and individuals. These included both blacks and whites and people hailing from both the Slave States and the Free States. Many free black people, white people and even slaves served as engineers and conductors whose life purpose was to help people caught i n a life of slavery (Calarco 287). The large free black populace residing in Baltimore and free blacks located in other places willingly provided help and assistance to the slaves escaping from the Southern States (Calarco 307). Many Quakers, abolitionists and other white people helped the railroad because irrespective of being white, they regarded slavery to be an unethical, immoral and cruel practice (Calarco 54). Associating with the Underground Railroad was indeed fraught with much risk and danger.

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